Our Philosophy

We believe when a book leaves its author’s desk it changes. Even before anyone has read it, before eyes other than its creator’s have looked upon a single phrase, it is irretrievably altered. It has become a book that can be read, that no longer belongs to its maker. It has acquired, in a sense, free will. It will make its journey through the world and there is no longer anything the author can do about it. Even he, as he looks at its sentences, reads them differently now that they can be read by others. They look like different sentences. The book has gone out into the world and the world has remade it.


Our Story

Empirics Publishing is an independent publishing house based in Singapore with operational scope throughout Asia. Our publishing house has been involved in the industry since its inception in 2005. In 2019, our publishing house was merged with The Asian Entrepreneur, a notable digital media company with an extensive global industry network in journalistic work.

We are a full serviced publisher which means we’ve got you covered from the very get go. We have our own production facilities based in Taiwan and are capable of producing various formats of physical books. Along with our technology capabilities developed our merger and the recent partnerships we have secured with notable publishing houses, we are confident that we will realise your literary ideas.


Next Steps…


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